2014                    Graduated summa cum laude from Goshen College with a degree in

                            Art Education



2018-Present “Ope,” Seven Days: Vermont’s Independent Voice, weekly

2018-Present      "Web Comic Wednesday" contributor for Razorcake

2017-Present      “Ope,” Willamette Week, weekly

2018                    “Mildly Undignified,” self-published

2015                    “When Life Hands You Lemons, Check For Lymes,” self-published

2014                    “B-Fast Gigz: An Eclectic Collection,” self-published

2014                    “Dumbsters,” self-published

2010-2014           “B-Fast Gigz,” Goshen College Record, weekly



2019 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. Special Exhibit 2019. “Origin Stories: Comics & Identity.” Juried art show.

Collapse Gallery, Wenatchee, WA. ZOOP ZAP POOP MAP, or how to polish a turd two person show with Ryan Riss

2018                   Flight Lounge, Portland OR. Solo exhibition.

Space Monkey, Portland, OR. Solo exhibition.

Radio Room, Portland, OR. Solo exhibition.

2017                    A Little Nectar, Portland, OR. Solo exhibition.

2016                    Cup Coffee, Portland, OR. Solo exhibition.

                            Common Grounds Coffee House, Portland, OR. Solo exhibition.

2014                    Hershberger Gallery, Goshen, IN. Senior Exhibit, Group Show

                            Hershberger Gallery, Goshen, IN. Juried Student Art Show, Group Show



2018                    Comix Thing (Portland, OR)

                            Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (Vancouver, B.C.)

Olympia Zine Fest (Olympia, WA)

2017                    Comix Thing (Portland, OR)

                            On the Precipice: A PZS Prelude, Gallery Nucleus (Portland, OR)

                            Euzine Fest (Eugene, OR)

                            Olympia Zine Fest (Olympia, WA)

                            Portland Zine Symposium (Portland, OR)

2016                   Chicago Zine Fest (Chicago, IL)

                           INDYpendent Show (Indianapolis, IN)

2015                   Book Signing at Better World Books (Goshen, IN)



When Life Hands You Lemons, Check For Lymes

Danger Room Comics (Olympia, WA)

Books With Pictures (Portland, OR)

Bridge City Comics (Portland, OR)

Microcosm Publishing (Portland, OR)

Floating World Comics (Portland, OR)

Another Read Through (Portland, OR)

Powell’s Books (Hawthorne Location, Portland, OR)

Better World Books (Goshen, IN)



Found Gallery (Goshen, IN)


B-Fast Gigz: An Eclectic Collection

Found Gallery (Goshen, IN)


Phillinois: Stale Green Light (Cassette Tape)

Beacon Sound (Portland, OR)

Mississippi Records (Portland, OR)

Music Millenium (Portland, OR)


Moral Circus: Set in a Stem (CD)

Ignition Music Garage (Goshen, IN)